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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Google Opens the Door for Firing Progressives

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Google fired James Damore on Monday because of an initially internal writing he authored regarding company culture. And while people’s outrage over the termination is understandable, that outrage won’t achieve anything on its own. So action must follow it. And a solid course of action would be for other employers to start firing people who have progressive beliefs.

In case you aren’t aware of what happened, Breitbart provides a summary of what Damore wrote and Google’s stated reason for firing him. Progressives have cheered the firing and want more terminations of anyone who might disagree with them. Meanwhile, others have defended him and are talking about how it is becoming increasingly difficult to say anything that doesn’t adhere to progressive doctrine without risking your career.

Progressives are wrong and those who are complaining are correct. But we are far past the stage where complaining serves much purpose. Therefore, it is time for action—action that puts progressives on the defensive. And my proposal is quite simple: employers should start firing employees who say anything supportive of progressives or their positions. . . .

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Fisking the Cosmopolitan Ruling Class

The Security and Culture Intelligencer
Media went nuts over the words “cosmopolitan” and “fisk” last week. That hysteria was perfectly in line with the rest of the general dementedness now gushing forth from them and their comrades on a daily basis. And this dementedness continues revealing just how dangerous the Ruling Class is.

After a television personality started delivering a nonsensical sermon on immigration law to Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor for Policy Stephen Miller, Miller responded in part by mentioning that personality’s “cosmopolitan attitude.” And being unable to let a moment go by without creating some sort of phony “controversy,” media seized on that response and began churning out the notion that the word “cosmopolitan” is some sort of racist dog whistle.

A short time later the media generated another controversy by shrieking when radio hostess Dana Loesch used the word “fisk” in a video.

Such is the state of the media. And such is the state of the Ruling Class since they are one and the same. . . .

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Monday, July 24, 2017

How Media Turned Common Intelligence Collection into an ‘Inside SPECOPS’ Story

The author at Fort Huachuca, Ariz. in 2009.
Media love to publish stories about U.S. special operations forces. Such stories garner attention and make it appear as if they are disclosing something that until now had been secret. But as with everything else coming from the press, all is often not as it seems. And a June 30 article from The Drive provides an example of how a media outlet turned common intelligence collection into an “Inside SPECOPS” type of story.

The Drive draws the reader to its article with the bold title and subtitle of, “Identity Intel Ops” Turn US Special Operators Into Combat Detectives – Personal data, fingerprints, DNA, and more all help lead elite forces to their next target.” If the “Special Operators” didn’t work in attracting attention, the addition of “Combat Detectives” and “elite forces” probably did.

People who read the story are likely to be enthralled with the lengthy article, which cites a U.S. Special Operations Command document (obtained through the Freedom of Information Act), mentions the Joint Special Operations Command, references military operations (including the one that killed Osama bin Laden), uses lots of military jargon, has extensive links to other sources, and includes paragraphs like the following that appear to be revealing previously secret information.

The actual tasks sound a lot like something straight from an episode of a procedural crime drama on television. The document outlines six specific types of identity intelligence elite forces should be looking to gather at all times: biometric live scans, latent prints, DNA, facial images, trace materials, and documents and media. This information can be taken from individuals and sites that U.S. special operators in the course of “sensitive site exploitations” during operations, as well as from any potential person of interest, local employee, or foreign national who comes onto a facility run by elite forces at home or abroad. . . .
Still, the official descriptions make it clear that, if the circumstances at all allow it, elite troops are supposed to be collecting a significant amount of data. The biometric live scan, intended to be collected from living person as its name implies, sounds particularly comprehensive. The full profile includes full, rolled prints of all of the subject’s 10 fingers, scans of both of their irises, and a frontal view photograph. If “time and bandwidth are constrained” – all of this data is subsequently uploaded digitally to a central point for analysis – special operators may only take quick, flat prints and a photograph instead.

Sounds like it’s exciting and groundbreaking news, doesn’t it? But it is not.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mainstream Media Are Certainly Hostile Intelligence Organizations

The Security and Culture Intelligencer
Major media organizations continue accusing Donald Trump of engaging in treason with Russia. The baseless charges serve as a reminder that media have conducted harmful influence operations against the U.S. for decades. Consequently, Americans should treat these media entities as hostile intelligence organizations.

James Comey worked with the media to start the current investigation into Trump regarding the conspiracy theories surrounding him and Russia. Comey did this by providing classified memos to the media through a friend. The investigation, of course, is designed to end with Trump being removed from office.

All of this is strikingly similar to how a state intelligence organization might operate if it wanted to change the leadership of the United States.

And this is not something unusual for the media.

Nearly every day the media seem to launch new accusations against Trump based on illegal leaks from government officials. The illegal leaks are so bad (in both the amount and severity of the information they disclose) that in early July the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs released a report titled, “State Secrets: How an Avalanche of Media Leaks Is Harming National Security.” An excerpt from its executive summary emphasizes the damage the media are doing to the U.S. . . .

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No Consequences for Democrat & Media Support of Russian-promoted Occupy Wall Street

Russia. Map Courtesy of CIA World Factbook.
One of the conclusions elements of the U.S. intelligence community made regarding Russian interference in U.S. elections was that Russia promoted the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Democratic Party and major media organizations support OWS. But to date, there have been no negative consequences for the Democrats or media.

SCI noted in January that the intelligence assessment the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released revealed that Russia promoted OWS during the 2012 presidential election cycle. The Democratic Party and major media organizations openly sided with OWS throughout the campaign (and beyond). And that wasn’t a minor thing.

Media and Democratic support for OWS was widespread during the prime years of OWS in 2011 and 2012. That support remains strong (even if less noticeable) to this day. Indeed, the entire Ruling Class backed OWS during its heyday, with even the U.S. government offering tacit approval.

In 2011, I wrote a brief post at Breitbart that documented how the Department of Defense was allowing its troops to promote OWS. In that same post, I noted how U.S. government propaganda outlets RFE/RL and VOA were publishing positive news items for the group as well.

And when Election Day arrived in November of 2012, Barack Obama won another term in office.

Yet no one in power has ever challenged the validity of Obama’s victory. And no one in power has called for long, widespread investigations that would search to find out if the Democrats and media colluded with Russia on behalf of Obama. In fact, no one in power has ever expressed much, if any, interest at all about how the Democrats and media supported OWS at the same time that Russia promoted the group.

The ODNI revelation that Russia promoted OWS is extremely troubling. It is a serious national security concern. Yet no one in power has expressed any unease about it much less called for a thorough investigation into it to find out if the Democrats and media colluded with Russia to help Obama win in 2012.

And there are no signs that anyone will do so.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

U.S. Air Force CoS Talks about Space Transportation, Just Like Occurs in ‘Mortal Gods: HVT’

The Security and Culture Intelligencer
U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein appeared at a United Kingdom military conference and spoke about how armed forces might one day transport troops through space, according to a July 13 article in The Daily Mail. This speculation is similar to how Adam White, the protagonist of Mortal Gods: “HVT,” deploys from space to an earthbound objective during a key moment in the short story.

The Daily Mail said that Gen. Goldfein was talking at “an air power conference in London” when he addressed the need for innovation. And after speaking about how Virgin Galactic is working on making “intercontinental space travel a reality” for commercial passengers he said, “The question for us is what does that mean if I take seven special operators, put them on this and then can get to any place on the planet in less than an hour?”

Mortal Gods: “HVT,” a short story published in seven serial installments here at Liberate Liberty, includes an important plot point where the U.S. government transports protagonist Adam White to space and then deploys him to an objective on the ground.

The scenario that Gen. Goldfein discusses and what happens in Mortal Gods: “HVT” are not exactly the same. However, it is significant that a part of the short story bears similarities to what the senior-most officer in the Air Force recently posited. . . .

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How Media Normalized Treason & Why the Right Will Eventually Turn on WikiLeaks

The Security and Culture Intelligencer
Each day brings new media accusations of Donald Trump engaging in treason with Russia. The accusations are baseless and outrageous—even more so when considering how the media normalized treason. And some on the Right are so fed up with it that they now are exploiting stolen information and intelligence that groups such as WikiLeaks obtain and release in order to counterattack. And while the Right embracing the tactics and standards that media and other progressives have normalized is understandable, the Right will eventually turn on WikiLeaks and other such groups once such groups begin targeting Trump and polices the Right supports.

Media and other progressives have normalized treason for decades—and no one has ever done anything to punish them for their betrayal. They have supported communism, supported and engaged in domestic terrorism, sided with foreign enemies in war, supported illegal aliens invading and conquering America, and conducted influence operations to convince Americans that they should hate their own nation, history, and culture. And because they have never suffered any negative consequences for supporting and engaging in such things, such things are now considered to be okay, with boundaries being pushed even further.

Conservatives and their associated movement have never offered any substantial pushback on this treason. They are either too impotent, or they are subversives pretending to be on the opposite side all the while their loyalties are with progressives.

Others on the Right (former conservatives or otherwise) finally had enough of the media-progressive treason, as well as conservatism offering no resistance to it. So they started out on their own and started playing by the rules the media and progressives set.

One of these rules is that WikiLeaks is a legitimate outlet doing a public service. Every major, national (and international) news and media organization either outright worked with WikiLeaks or promoted their illegal activity during the 2000s. This made WikiLeaks internationally known and normalized the group. And the media did this because, at the time, it served the media-progressive agenda of tearing down America and working towards its destruction.

So the Right began utilizing and exploiting the illegal activity of WikiLeaks when WikiLeaks started publishing information and intelligence that hurt the media-progressive agenda. And the Right continues doing so today.

All this is understandable because of the rules set by the media-progressive alliance. Yet I don’t support allying with WikiLeaks or relying on any of its information. I never have. It is an enemy organization that foreign nations use to damage the U.S. (Russia is just one of these nations.).

Foreign nations heavily influence what WikiLeaks does. And once these foreign nations decide that they want WikiLeaks to turn on Trump (creating chaos and division within the U.S. is one of the primary purposes for the existence of WikiLeaks), the Right will learn what the true nature of WikiLeaks is. And then it will turn on it.

Media and other progressives have been working to destroy the U.S. for decades and no one in power has cared to stop them. What we are now seeing is a small but determined effort from some on the Right to fight back as dirty as the media-progressive alliance has fought all these years. As a whole, this new attitude is commendable. But working with or promoting what WikiLeaks is doing is a mistake. And the Right will eventually see that WikiLeaks is an enemy organization.